Autorin/Autor: Marcel vom Lehn
Autorin/Autor: Stephan Paetrow

150 Jahre TÜV NORD

Genre: Sachbücher & Biografien
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Format: Hardcover

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In 1869, one of the first steam boiler inspection associations was established in Hamburg, Germany. This marked the beginning of the history of TÜV NORD, today amongst the most important providers of technical safety services in the world. This book traces the development of a company which like no other has become a watchword when it comes to protecting people from the risks of technology. Witnesses of the organisation’s history give their views on the changing safety requirements as industry developed from steam boilers to satellites. The outlook for the future shows that in our digital age with its frequent cyber-attacks on sensitive and personal data, an age of intelligent, learning machines and autonomous cars, the reliability and safety provided by neutral inspections are more important even than they were in the last eventful 150 years.